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Chimani is the leading national park mobile app. Our intuitive app draws on the power of GPS-enabled interactive mapping technology to guide your national park adventures.

Chimani’s national park guides include descriptions of points of interest, trails, amenities, and more. "No service" when you're out in the wilderness? No problem. Chimani’s app works with or without WiFi or data signal.

Chimani’s app is free to download from the Apple Appstore and Google Play.

The outdoors are what we love. It is our passion. But we love technology too! Combine the two and you have top-notch apps for exploring and touring the National Parks. We like to think of these apps as tools to help us navigate the natural world. All of this information is presented on an intuitive user interface that is visually well designed, includes professionally designed maps, up-to-date and well-researched content, high quality photographs and rock-solid programming.

What Our Customers Say?

I'm a history buff and love the sections for Historical Parks and Battlefields. Great resource. Can't wait to use it on my next trip. Wellsbeach
Short and sweet, this app has everything you need to know to plan your trip to the Grand Canyon. I love the real time event information like the Ranger walks and shuttle schedules. ecogal99
Yellowstone is HUGE and I wish I had this last summer when I was there! I highly recommend any of these apps!EvenStephen2000

Parks & Apps

Welcome to the Chimani Parks

The National Parks are our passion. Whether it's backcountry hiking in the Grand Tetons, rock climbing in Yosemite, or bicycling the carriage roads of Acadia — these apps are made from personal experience. They are your travel guides, but you'll find a lot more than that.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Having a problem? Want to learn more? Don't hesitate to email if you can't figure out something! You'll get a speedy response (we're sorta famous for that). We also have a YouTube Channel with numerous "how to" vidoes.


Do you have a user manual?
We don't have a user manual but we do have a YouTube Channel with numerous "how to" vidoes.
I purchased a subscription but why am I still getting the payment screen?
You want to be sure to log in to the account you used to purchase your subscription. Be sure to click on the My Profile section and follow the instructions. Here's a how-to video to help. If you're still having problem, be sure to email and we'll sort things out.
How do I receive a refund?
If you purchased your subscription within the app, you'll need to contact Apple directly to request a refund - unforutnatley we don't have any ability to do this. If you purchased your subsctiption via our website, please email us directly.
Why was I charged for a subscription?
There is a three-day free trial for the subscription however if you don't cancel it by the end of the thrid day Apple will charge you for the annual subscription. You'll need to contact Apple directly to request a refund - unforutnatley we don't have any ability to do this.
Where did all your individual apps go and I thought everything was free?
In the fall of 2018 we consolidated all our iOS/Apple individual apps into one and introduced a subscription revenue model. In order to continue to support and develop all the app and guides, we needed to introduce a low-cost revenue model. We plan to complete the consolidation and subscription revenue model on the Android apps by the summer of 2019.
I don't see any Ranger Events Listed.
Ranger events are processed by Chimani as soon as they are available from the National Park Service. Check back often to see if new items have been added to the list of events.
I see an "Updating Data" notification that never completes.
While you may still see the notification, the sync process has completed and the app is no longer downloading data. You can clear this notification in a couple of ways. You can swipe it away or use the clear all button.
Can I download the maps in National Parks by Chimani?
The maps in National Parks by Chimani are online only. For offline maps please use the detailed guide app for a specific park.
I downloaded your app, am I ready to use it in the park? Do I need to do anything else?
Yes, but to ensure an even better experience, we recommend downloading the detailed map for offline use. To do this, open Map and click on the top right menu option (iOS) or the download option (Android) in order to download the maps for offline use.
I think you are missing information or have something incorrect in the app.
Let us know by using the contact us button on the about us section of the app or email us at editor@chimani.com. We make updates frequently to bring you the latest information.


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