STABIL is the leader in traction innovation for outdoor recreation. Perfect for getting out and about in National Parks!

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The STABIL brand mission is to keep people on their feet in slippery conditions. To that end we have developed products from all pursuits in the out of doors in the winter months.

  • The STABIL Walk is ideal for shoveling the walkway, walking the dog, or walking to work.
  • The STABIL Run allows runners to get those great runs even when the conditions would normally preclude them from getting out.
  • The STABIL Hike XP is designed to fit your favorite hiking, or winter boots. Its perfect for a deep winter woods hike, a neighborhood trail, or a scenic National Park hike.
  • The STABIL Macro shifts gears and gives you more extreme traction for mountaineering in the winter. The stainless cleats make for very positive traction for big winter adventures.
  • The STABIL Heel is designed for driving a motorized vehicle where you cant have cleats on the forefoot so whether you are hoping in and out of your truck or onto an ATV this product protects your heel from slipping as you transition in and out of your rig.
  • The STABIL Maxx2 is ideally suited to fit over any winter pack boot. The upper binding system attaches your boot to an aggressive traction system perfect for winter pursuits in the woods and on the ice.

STABIL is the leader in traction innovation for outdoor recreation and workplace safety. At STABIL all we do is design, build and market traction solutions. There are some constants in traction and one is the nature of constantly transitioning terrain. The STABIL product design thinks this through (and unlike many of its competitors) has traction built into the outsole so that when you transition to gravel, dirt or pavement you still have traction. The outsole tread is designed to reduce snow build up by knocking it off with the roll of the foot.

Innovation is applied on the application of the upper to the boot or shoe as well. The proprietary Thermal Plastic Elastomer (TPE) is very durable with great stretch and memory and good to over minus 45 degrees F. Traction is not good if the product doesn't stay on your boot and our system has no equal as the TPE sticks to your boot.

Based in Maine STABIL is proud to be the only USA manufacturer in the ice traction category. This allows us to be extremely nimble in the design and development of product because all of our production is in our backyard. It also means we are very good at fulfillment for our customers because when winter hits we are not waiting for orders from Asia.

In 2016 STABIL worked with the National Park Foundation to establish a funding mechanism which contributes 10% of our wholesale sales to national park vendors to the NPF. STABIL is extremely proud of this new partnership and excited to work to generate funding for NPF for the next four years.

We are also pleased to participate in the Chimani park app and give you access to STABIL products that will further enhance your national park experience by keeping you safely on your feet as you explore both new trails and your old favorites throughout the national park system. STABIL will keep you safely on your feet in the months when you may not have been able to explore the parks otherwise.



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