Double Spear Ranch

A chance to be a cowboy and live and work on a beautiful Montana Ranch.

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We are a family owned and operated working cattle guest ranch in South Central Montana and we feel very privileged to still be able to make our living ranching and cowboying, the old fashioned way, in some of the most beautiful country in the world. We feel honored to share a rare lifestyle with a few special guests each summer.

Located in the middle of the Crow Reservation we are part of a rich Native American history that surrounds us and influences our way of life here. We are also near the Chief Plenty Coups Museum, the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, Custer Battlefield, the Yellowtail Dam and the Bighorn River, Cody and the Yellowstone National Park.

What we do everyday, is what you will do when you are here. If your idea of a getaway vacation involves sun, dust, sweat, hard work on horseback, lots of laughs, a cowboy prank or two, and riding free across the open plains and mountains in "Big Sky Country" give us a holler. Wed love to have you.

About the Ranch

The Double Spear Ranch is surrounded by Western history. Time moves slowly here on the reservation, and many things have remained unchanged for 200 years.

We have run over 300 mother cows on more than 5000 acres, that still show the wagon ruts of the old Bozeman Trail.

On the ranch, every beautiful season has its own special work waiting. In early spring, there is calving. When the snow melts and wildflowers bloom, it will be branding time. In the summer, there is tall grass, cowboy campouts and cattle to move. Later, when the air is crisp and leaves turn golden, the roundups begin. Our winter season offers real quiet and quality time - working outside or sitting by a warm fire - depending on what is wanted we offer lesser rates (depends on guest demands.)

In May and June, we keep checking on our cow/calf pairs to see whether everything is all right and there is no disease in the herd. Most of the time we pick late May and late June for the brandings, which is always a big "get together" with neighbors and friends.

In the summer time, the cattle has to put on weight, so we have to make sure that they have good grass and if they get low on "groceries" we move them from one pasture to the next. We make sure that all the fences are in good shape and all the cows are happy.

Finally in the fall we get ready to ship the calves off to the markets, which means we gather the herd off the summer pastures, bring them down here and separate the cows from the calves.

A day trip to the Yellowstone Park through Red Lodge and over the Beartooth Pass (11.000 feet elevation) is always memorable. See the fantastic scenery with spitting geysers, hot pools, and impressive mountains. Buffalo and Elk are many in this park and if you are lucky you can see bear, wolf and big horn sheep.

Or, if you would like to have a relaxing lazy vacation, there are less demanding activities that anyone can enjoy!

Sometimes there will be campfires, boat trips on the Big Horn Lake (which has a beautiful scenery) or we will take you to the Wild Horse Range, where some of the last wild horses roam free. In addition to our ranch routine, there are many activities we offer to make your vacation a special experience. Call us to make a reservation.

Double Spear Ranch


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