Dark Sky Brewing Co.

Brewing unique, high quality, craft beer in the 1st International Dark Sky City

$1 Off of a beer

The amazing dark skies & starry nights found here in Flagstaff provide unlimited inspiration. From full-moon & head-lamp adventures to backyard star-gazing, the Observatory, and more... life is better with dark skies!

We love our crazy little mountain town almost as much as we love brewing crazy, flavorful beer. We are psyched to be joining the already amazing craft beer community that exists here, in Flag! Our goal is to help make Flagstaff the go-to destination for quality craft beer in the Southwest! The more microbreweries, the better!

"We love to brew beer for the the city that loves to drink it..."

Dark Sky Brewing Co.

Website: www.darkskybrewing.com

Phone: (928) 235-4525

Address: 117 N Beaver St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Chimani Perks Discount: $1 Off of a beer