Anee Ward & Co.

Fashion and home furnishings featuring Artist Anee Ward's iconic images.

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In July 2016, Taos artist A.C. Ward partnered with entrepreneur Blake Dunlap to bring fine art to a wider audience. Through its retail and online outlets, the company sells original artwork and reproductions as well as a growing array home furnishings like pillows, towels, tote bags etc. that feature images drawn from Ward's two decades of painting the American Southwest, Mexico, and Hawaii.

Anee's creations feature the landscapes, vacation destinations, and sports that have blessed her life. Colorful and deeply emotional, her paintings capture that moment when you finally put up your feet, exhale and say, "I have arrived." From skiers flying off icy cornices to Hawaiian waterfalls, Ward's paintings are a celebration of the joy of life's adventures.

Anee Ward & Co offers products for Southwest and Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts. Product Lines Themes: Fishing Lodge Our Fishing Lodge Ranch Winter Lodge Taos Living Golf Sail

Anee Ward


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