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My fascination with National Parks began in fourth grade with a field trip to Effigy Mounds National Monument. Just across the Mississippi River from our home in Wisconsin, Effigy Mounds is not even a full-blown National Park but it is the first Park Service site I recall visiting. It was just the beginning. Although I haven't visited all 59 designated National Parks in the Park Service's 411 managed units, I've made a nice dent, from Acadia to Hawaii Volcanoes. Some of the big ones, Yellowstone and Yosemite I have yet to see but I will get there. The life list continues...

In casting about a few years ago for a subject area to concentrate on as a rare book dealer I landed on National Parks. It is a fascinating combination of my former professional life in museums, training in material culture studies, and love of books and materials relating to the National Park Service.


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