R.e.d.d Bar - All Killer, No Filler.

Superfood energy bars packed with protein, vitamins, and a shot of natural caffeine.

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Redd provides indulgently healthy vegan Superfood Energy Bars ​that combine clean pumpkin seed protein, superfood adaptogens, ancient grains, and 23 vitamins & minerals to provide 2-3 hours of positive energy.

While the ‘less-is-more’ minimalist approach that many nutrition bar brands are currently following has been popular, with limited ingredients their formulas offer lackluster taste and fewer functional benefits. Redd offers a huge range of powerful ingredients, including 11 superfoods that provide a wide array of potent nutrients and bold flavor profiles. Redd’s ingredients list is longer, but each ingredient is chosen carefully and sourced responsibly.

Website: reddbar.com

Phone: (207) 370-4433

Email: reed@reddbar.com

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